The Best Music to Listen to While High: Genres and Songs

Ah, music and marijuana, a match made in heaven that’s been pleasing the hearts of many for god knows how long. The enjoyment gained from smoking some of your favourite weed songs is next to none. While the way we listen to music has changed, amazing music knows no boundaries. And some good songs to listen to while high goes a long way towards a great day. Hopefully, you have a bulletproof go-to-smoke playlist on Spotify already set and rocking. But if you don’t then, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to help you with a collection of tunes from multiple genres that will have your senses tingling. Whether you collect music digitally, you want to download some songs and make a CD, or you love that crackle of vinyl, there’s going to be plenty to take in. But first, let’s take a quick look at why music is damn good after a few puffs. Then we get into the best songs to listen to while high.

Music and Marijuana, a Match Made in Heaven

Artists have been creating dope music for ages while under the influence of cannabis. Famed Jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, credits ‘Gage’, New Orleans street slang for cannabis, as a major influence in his music. While coming up in the New Orleans jazz scene, Armstrong formed a group called the Vipers. To be a Viper you didn’t have to just be amazing at playing music, you had to be an aficionado of ganja. If cannabis helped one of the greatest musicians of all time create some timeless tracks, then it probably deserves more merit. After all, he’s not the only to credit cannabis as a source of inspiration. Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac also credits cannabis for a dash of creative touch. “When I’m writing, I will allow myself to smoke a little bit of pot,” she told Rolling Stone. “It’s my one little thing that I can do. I use it as a tool, and I’m very careful, you know?” While this is all fine and dandy, we want to get to the real meat and potatoes, why does cannabis make music so much better? Well, we don’t want to break your heart, but scientists are still working on this problem.

How Ganja Enhances The Music We Listen to

Some studies suggest due to the impairment of time and how we perceive it, by drawing out music in a slowed down state we can better access the information and increase our awareness of the notes and frequencies. A 2002 study by Fachner yielded some interesting results. Participants were asked to listen to 3 different genres, a folk song, a Beatles cover and a chamber band ensemble in the comfort of a living room while hooked up to an electroencephalogram (EEG), an apparatus that detects minute changes in brain waves. After listening and a 30-minute break, the participants were given cannabis that contained 20mg of THC and asked to listen to the music again. As reported by Leafly, listening to music while under the influence of cannabis affects the right and left temporal cortices, as well as the parietal cortex. These areas of the brain have been linked to auditory processing, spatial awareness and attentional strategy. Jorg Fachner, Professor of music, health, and the brain at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, tells Leafly: “One of the interpretations that I had from this data is that when it comes to attention, subjects were focusing a bit more on the sound and that this attention also required less mental energy…So it’s easier to listen, to focus, and to relax.” With that being said, sometimes anecdotal evidence is the best. So without delaying the good stuff any longer, here are some of the best songs to listen to while high.

Best Hip Hop and Rap Songs to Listen to While High

1. Method and Redman – How High

Method and Redman are a classic combo, just like smoking weed and listening to music. How High represents this duo at their weed-smoking best. Kick back and enjoy. Take it from the top!

2. Ludacris – Blueberry Yum Yum

Before Ludacris was making movies and hosting Fear Factor, he was one of the top artists in the rap game. Blueberry Yum Yum still has one of the best music videos to date. I mean, have you seen the insane fisheye footage of the biggest grow seen to date in a video?

3. Outkast – Crumblin ‘Erb

“There’s only so much time left in this crazy world, I’m just crumblin’ erb, I’m just crumblin’ erb” Us too, us too.

4. Bone Thugs N’ Harmony – Weed Song

We only ever get 1 first time to smoke weed. Some people say don’t feel anything. If you didn’t, don’t worry because the Bone Thugs N’ Harmony sum it up perfectly. Hell, you could have never even smoked weed and still get what it’s all about!

5. Devin Tha Dude – Doobie Ashtray

“What you gonna do when the people go home, and you wanna smoke weed but the reefers all gone. Somebody had the nerve to take the herb out the doobie ashtray, why they do me that way” Man, that’s tough, sorry to hear that!

Best Rock Songs to Listen to While High

1. Grateful Dead – Dupree’s Diamond Blues

There really isn’t a Grateful Dead song you can’t light up to, they’re basically all weed smoker songs. However, Dupree’s Diamond Blues is an obscure track that’s funky and great to chill out to.

2. Santana – Black Magic Woman

Before Santana was being sampled by Dj Khaled and Rihanna, his psychedelic vibes were flowing through speakers all across the world. Black Magic Woman reeks of cannabis use with its laidback lyrics and tempo.

3. David Bowie – Space Oddity

R.I.P. to one of the most influential artists in modern music history. Ground Control to Major Tom, your music reads loud and clear.

4. The Doors – Peace Frog

While The Doors dabbled in more than just cannabis, it comes without question that much of their music has a very funky and uplifting mood. Peace Frog is no different. That guitar solo is sure to make anyone smile.

5. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Ok we know, Purple Haze may be a bit played out in some people’s eyes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an awesome song to listen to while high. Heck, it’s even a great song to listen to while sober!

Best Electronic Songs to Listen to While High

1. Mr. Carmack – Ryukushima

Mr. Carmack just doesn’t stop. Beat after beat after beat – you think the guy will stop at some point, but that’s not the case. The spacey feel on Ryukushima is 10/10, very naaice.

2. Pretty Lights – Only Yesterday

Known for rocking huge crowds with out of this world bass, you don’t always expect a chill track from pretty lights. But when you do get one, boy, is it a treat. When you hear this in the future you’ll be feeling like it was only yesterday it came into your life.

3. Thundercat – Them Changes

Sure, Them Changes isn’t the most electronic track Thundercat has ever put together. But it’s arguably one of his best and one of the best high songs.

4. Flume – Sleepless

*Insert any Flume track here and smoke* Don’t believe us? Just go through his entire discography and try to not roll a joint and get lost in the endless melodies and beautiful transitions.

5. Flight Facilities – Crave You

This is one of those songs that you can have on repeat for hours and not get tired of. And if you do put Crave You on repeat, you’ll be rolling another joint after you’ve lost count how many times it’s played.

The World Is Your Oyster

Music is a very personal expression of self. And to find a song that reflects your soul is something to be cherished for the rest of your life. Just like falling in love for the first time, when a song sticks, it really sticks. It’s hard to forget the feeling of accidentally finding a song that makes you move, smile, cry, laugh and everything in between. Finding music that you love to listen to while high isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever done. And from this playlist hopefully, you’ve got something to build off. These days, with Spotify Discover, Recommended songs and playlists galore, we know that you’ll have enough material to last more than a couple of smoke seshes. Happy smoking and let the music take you over!

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