How to Make an Apple Pipe in 5 Easy Steps

how to make an apple pipe

An apple pipe – for the conniving, Macgyver-esque toker that wants to take their sesh to the next level.

We’ve all been caught without pipe, papers, and other smoking paraphernalia that we all need in order to hit the green. If you’ve got the confidence, ingenuity, and sense of adventure that so many in the toking community have then creating an apple pipe will come to you as naturally as rolling a joint.

While the concept sounds rudimentary (we’re not beating around the bush here, it definitely is.) An apple pipe will be more than enough to get you and your crew lifted.

Best of all? It’s cheap, easy to make, and the materials are readily available.

If you want to elevate your sesh game, or just something quick and easy to tie you over until your local headshop opens again, we’ve got the solution for you!

What is an Apple Pipe?

An apple pipe is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a DIY weed pipe that’s used to smoke a bowl in a pinch.

DIY pipes and bongs are no strangers to the cannabis community. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and tokers have been creating different types of bongs and utilizing homebrew techniques and inventions to get the high that they need. Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly, depending on who you ask), fruits and vegetables are the material of choice for many tokers due to their low price and ubiquitous availability.

Of the many fruits and vegetables available to us today, watermelons, potatoes. As well as, bananas have all been used at one point or another to make a pipe that’s capable of clearing a bowl quickly and effectively.

With that being said, an apple pipe remains as the #1 most popular contender in the DIY pipes category due to their ease of use and availability.

Cannabis 101 – How to Make an Apple Pipe

apple pipe guide

Learning how to make an apple pipe is easy, and it won’t take you any longer than a few minutes once you get the hang of it.

Apple Pipe Materials

You’ll need the following materials to make your DIY Apple Pipe

  • Quality cannabis
  • Fresh apple that’s firm to the touch
  • Carving or poking material (knife, a pen, or even your keys would work fine)
  • A lighter to spark up
  • Aluminum foil (optional)

Step 1 – Remove the Stem

Using your knife or a pen, carefully remove the stem from the top of the apple and carve out a bowl. The top of the apple here the stem used to be will be where we’ll be placing our cannabis.

Step 2 – Carve out a Bowl

Once you removed the stem, carefully widen the area where the apple’s stem used to be. This will be where the “bowl” and where we’ll sparking up our weed. At this point, you can take a small piece of aluminum foil with a hole in the center and place this on top to make a better bowl. However, this is a completely optional step and you won’t need to do this to enjoy the pipe to it’s fullest potential.

Step 3 – Create a Hole

Now that we have our bowl made, it’s time to carve out the actual pipe. Jam a pen, knife, or your keys, down halfway through the apple. A pen would be ideal since it would make a uniform shape. However, keys or a knife will work in a pinch. You’d want to make this hole as clean and uniformly cut as possible since this will be one of the avenues through which the smoke will be traveling through.

Step 4 – Create a Mouthpiece

To make the “mouthpiece,” we’ll need to create a second hole from the side of the apple. This second hole should be about halfway up from the bottom of the apple and should connect with the hole you made from the top of the apple.

Step 5 – Carve out a Carb

Just like a pipe, we’ll want a carb to control the airflow of our apple pipe. Carve out this hole on the side of the apple that’s a bit further away from the mouthpiece. You’ll want to pick an area that’s comfortable and convenient for you to cover with a finger while you’re hitting the mouthpiece.

Step 6 – Using your Apple Pipe

apple pipe diy

Now for the fun part! Load up your bowl on the top of the apple, inhale from the mouthpiece you’ve made and cover the carb with a finger. Inhale slowly while lighting up the bowl and release the carb to get a deep, fruity toke. It’ll take a few times to get the technique down. However, you’ll be smoking weed out of your apple pipe in no time!

Apple Pipe – A Fruity Solution in a Pinch

If you’re stuck without your pipe, rolling papers, or a bong, please try using an apple for your smoking pipe! We won’t lie, it’ll be cumbersome at first and it definitely doesn’t replace an expertly blown pipe or bong. However, a fruit-based pipe will help in a pinch!

They’re easy to carve and even easier to use. The next time your friends are looking to up their sesh game, give them a lesson in Cannabis 101 and show them how to make an apple pipe! We guarantee they’ll be blown away!

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