How to Use a Gravity Bong – To Smoke Your Weed

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are an extremely easy to make, DIY alternative to the traditional bong. 

Even though manufacturers now fabricate gravity bongs for retail operations, the gravity bong traces its roots back to those days when you’re just lacking a pipe or rolling paper to get toasted. 

You can make it using easy-to-get materials like aluminum foil, a bucket, and a water bottle, and that’s why it has become so increasingly popular in cannabis culture that a plastic water bottle just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Want to take your smoking ritual to the space-age? One of the easiest ways to do so is  by utilizing one of the primordial forces of the universe. We’re talking about gravity, and it’ll have you blasting off into space in no time. 

What is a Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is easy to spot but not quite as easy to describe, so please bear with us while we get our head around this task.

For starters, there’s a water-filled base. 

You might be thinking, what’s the difference with a normal bong? Yes, a traditional bong also has a water-filled base. The difference between them is that the base you use to make a gravity bong has a wide-open top, and the top is not where you will be inhaling from. So basically, picture a bucket filled with water almost to the brim.

With the bucket taken care of, you are now missing the one part of the bong you’ll be inhaling from and the bowl where your cannabis goes. Good thing these are both the same thing.

Suspended halfway into the water, in your base comes a bottle that acts as a vacuum. The bottle is cut from the bottom down, so you’re only holding the top half of the bottle in your hands. The bottom half you may discard. 

Now, the top half is not suspended above the water by the art of magic, you’ll have to hold it in a way that the bottom dips into the water enough to close the gap completely. To be safe, just dip it in the water halfway to the top to start.

Now let’s look into the cannabis bowl.

As promised, the cannabis bowl is a part of the water bottle. On top of the bottle, where the cap would usually go, you’ll devise a small makeshift bowl. 

You can do this with the plastic bottle cap or a piece of aluminum foil poked with holes. The idea is to place your cannabis in a bowl that can keep it from falling into the water but, at the same time, should allow for smoke to trespass into the bottle.

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

The word ‘benefit’ is a tricky one in this case because not everyone is a fan of smoking out of a plastic bottle on a bucket, and not everyone is a fan of hard hits. But if you’re not one of those people, then the gravity bong and waterfall bong are two amazing alternatives for you.

The gravity bong is not just a piece of equipment that’s useful to get you on the road. It’s actually a neat work of engineering and a bong that’s sure to leave you feeling like you just took the hardest rip of your life. 

Using a gravity bong ensures that all smoke is trapped in the vacuum. Because of the lack of additional air inside the vacuum, the smoke that you’ll be inhaling is extremely concentrated and thick. So if you plan to use a gravity bong, make sure you’re ready to feel your first rip.

Along with potent hits from this bucket based contraption, there’s also a hidden benefit; cost-efficiency. Everyone has a bottle at home, if you don’t, you just need to go out, buy your favorite pop and you’re set. A delicious and efficient endeavor.

purple haze

But let’s forget about pop drinks for a while. Perhaps the best benefit of a gravity bong is that if you’re not one to use a bong regularly, and if you don’t own any rolling papers, then the gravity bong provides a quick and efficient way to smoke your weed. 

It is something you don’t need to invest in, and most often don’t need to prepare for either.

How to Make a Gravity Bong

Now that we know what a gravity bong looks like, we’ll have to understand how it works. In other words, how do I make the smoke drop down from the bowl and towards the water? The smoke usually goes one way, and that way is not down. Here’s where “gravity” plays its role.

The truth is gravity doesn’t have much to do with it, smoke is not heavy enough to drop on its own, so it’s up to the person to make the cannabis smoke go down. The way it’s done is a 3 step process:

  • First, you fill your aluminum foil or plastic cap bowl with cannabis. Make sure the cannabis will not fall through your bowl and into the water, that would just be a sad sight to see.
  • While holding the plastic bottle until it’s dipped halfway into the water bucket, you light the cannabis on fire. Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking. But here’s where the magic happens.
  • As your cannabis flower lights on fire, you start to pull the plastic bottle upwards and away from the bucket. This creates a vacuum in the void underneath the bowl. In other words, just like your mouth pulls the smoke into your lungs when you suck on a traditional bong, this time, it’s the vacuum you’ve created that does the pulling for you.

Your gravity bong will help you do one thing; fill the space inside the water bottle by using physics. But it most certainly will not do the smoking for you. 

Once the bottle is filled with smoke all you need to do is remove your packed bowl and inhale where the cap of the plastic bottle once was.

To make gravity bongs, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Aluminum foil or a plastic cap
  • A plastic bottle
  • A bucket full of water
  • Your favorite cannabis

First, you’ll need to cut the bottle open at the bottom, leaving an open end. You will then need to take aluminum foil or the bottle cap and punch holes in it.

Tangerine Dream

Just make sure that the holes are big enough to let the smoke through but small enough to hold your cannabis in place, and you’re set!

When you decide to light the cannabis on top of the bottle cap, you open the lower end. As the water spills out, a vacuum is generated in the bottle which is subsequently filled with smoke, and voila!

Is a Gravity Bong Right for You?

Smoking using plastic is not the best for your health. That’s why manufacturers decided to make one because they saw a thing of beauty and decided to provide us with an alternative that would actually meet all safety standards (and make some money, of course).

However, if you are not that person who wants to invest tons of money into expensive tools such as glass bongs and bubblers, then a gravity bong is a perfect deal for you.

Known for its strong highs and ease to make, this type of bong can be your best on the night with friends.

All you have to do is take your old plastic bottles, foils and your favorite strain and you are all set.

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