What is Dabbing and How to Dab – The Beginner’s Guide

For a long time ‘dabbing’ has been considered an outcast subculture within the cannabis world — but with the legalization of it, the perception of dabbing is gradually shifting and becoming more mainstream. If you’re not familiar with what is dabbing or how to dab, don’t fret. There are a lot of moving parts with dabbing, including a number of unfamiliar equipment pieces. In this guide, we’ll break down what is dabbing, how to dab the right way and more.   

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a form of consuming concentrates by heating them on a hot surface, usually a nail, and inhaling the concentrate through a dab rig. To dab you’re going to need a torch, the fuel for the torch (butane), a dab rig, a dabber utensil and some form of nail (a quartz, ceramic or titanium nail).   You’re also going to need dabs of course. As mentioned, dabs are best described as highly concentrated forms of cannabis that come in an array of products depending on their consistency. You can get wax, rosin, shatter and butane hash oil, to name a few. A word of caution – they often test between 60-90% THC, which means it doesn’t take much to get extremely high.   

How to Dab the Right Way 

To dab, you take your trusty dab rig and heat up a metal bowl with a butane torch until the element is red hot. Then using the dabbing utensil/tool, vaporize a dab of concentrate by pressing it on the nail. To stop smoke from escaping, place your glass dome over the bowl, and inhale off the mouthpiece. Hold it in and then exhale.  That might be a little bit confusing still, so here’s a list of all the equipment you’re going to need, from the concentrate to the torch. 

Equipment for How to Dab

  1. A cannabis concentrate, an extracted and refined potent form which you’ll recognize as shatter and rosin, most commonly. The main three solvents used to create dabs are butane, CO2 and isopropyl alcohol – we would never recommend dabbing with alcohol-based extracts, as they can have adverse health effects. 
  2. A water pipe. A bong is a water-pipe, a pipe (usually made of glass) through which you can smoke your favourite herb.
  3. A torch. A butane torch will do the job.
  4. A dabber. To apply the dab, you use a glass, metal, or ceramic dabber utensil.
  5. A nail. A nail should fit the water pipe’s gauge, which can be created from titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Titanium is the most common type. 
  6. A dome. This is what you place around the nail to keep the smoke from escaping.
If you’re ready to invest in a dab rig of your own, we’re going to give you a step-by-step process of how to dab. Read on!  

How to Dab: A Step-By-Step Guide

 Step 1: Scrape or scoop up a hits worth of concentrate with your dabber utensil. Prepare a smaller dab if you’re new to this.  Step 2: Heat the nail with the torch until it’s just about to start glowing. Once it’s red hot, turn the torch off. If you have a titanium nail, let the nail cool for ten seconds while you get the dab you prepared earlier. If you have a quartz nail you’ll need to cool the nail for about 45 seconds to ensure the surface temperature isn’t too hot. Step 3: Take your dabber and gently touch the dab of concentrate on the nail. Begin to inhale slowly and smoothly. When there’s no more wax on your dabber and the chamber’s clear, exhale. Repeat as you need.  Step 4: Exhale and…buckle in as you experience a very intense high!   how-to-dab    

What is Dabbing? Final Thoughts

Dabbing can be a very powerful and effective method of getting high. Before you decide to switch to dabs talk to experienced people and do a fair amount of research.  For a great selection, take a look at our variety of concentrates you’re sure to love.   

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