710 – The Story Behind the Next Potential 420


710 may not be as well known as 420, but this “dab day” marker could be the next evolution in the era of 420! 

420 has become synonymous with weed, joints, and cannabis culture in general. Whether it’s the April 20th date, or the 4:20 PM sesh o’clock ringer, millions of tokers and stoners worldwide recognize 420 as a sacred time for celebration and getting high! 

What initially began as a day of protest in Canada for weed legalization has since evolved to become an annual festival of sorts across the country. With live music, head shops, and even free weed samples, the event draws in thousands upon thousands of tourists a year who wish to celebrate and partake in everyone’s favourite herb.

So, who is this new guy 710, how does it relate to 420, and why could it become the next 420? 

710, also known as “dab day,” is right around the corner, so let’s get you up to speed! 

What Does 710 Mean?

What do you get when you flip the word OIL upside down? Something that looks an awful lot like 710, that’s what! 

To the unknowing observer, this would be something completely benign. After all, what does oil have to do with 710? 

Well, as with all things weed, the naming conventions behind certain strains, dabs, and even cultural terms (do dime bags ring a bell?) don’t make much sense. We’re not talking about regular, run-of-the-mill cooking oil here – we’re talking about hash oil – the kind that gets you sky-high. 

710 is a nod towards both hash oil and the July 10th date. Like the term 420, the intention behind the number 710 is to celebrate cannabis concentrates, hash oils, and other cannabis extract products. However, it also highlights a specific date, July 10th, where dabbers worldwide can collectively dab together in celebration. 

420 has been adopted as a general, all-around term for cannabis culture and cannabis flower. Still, since cannabis oils and extracts are a bit more contemporary innovation in the realm of cannabis products, not many people know or use cannabis oils in the first place. 

That said, with 710 now in the mix, that could soon be all changing. Below, we’ll explain where the term ‘710’ came from and what its creator has to say about it.

The Origins

Before we get into the origins of 710, let’s quickly review the backstory of 420 and how it became a cultural phenomenon to provide the necessary context. 

While we all know that 420 refers to the act of smoking weed in some way, shape or form at 4:20 PM or on April 20th, not many people know where the term actually originated.

420 has plenty of origin stories, but two stand out as the most prevalent. 

The first involves a group of highschool-aged teenagers in the early 1970s using 420 as codeword during class to organize after-school smoke seshes amongst their friends. Back then, weed was heavily scrutinized, so discretion was vital.

The second origin story involves the same group of teenagers on an epic quest to find a hidden weed field using a map that a farmer had left behind. They used the 420 number to organize meetings and let other members know when and where to meet.

Of course, there’s no way to verify any of these stories. Like weed, the truth has gone up in smoke.

However, since cannabis oils and concentrates are more of a recent invention, we can pinpoint the exact time, date, and person who started the movement. 

On July 10th, 2011 (07/10/2011), a rapper named “Taskrok” released his magnum opus – an album titled “The Movement.”  The album included tracks that promoted and celebrated cannabis oils and the close-knit community behind these extracts. 

Why is this such a big deal? You have to remember that, at the time, cannabis concentrates such as shatter, distillate, and wax were still the most exclusive of niche products. Few dispensaries carried them, and even fewer knew how to make them. 

The tools used to consume these items were all handmade, with many in the media believing these extracts to be fatally dangerous.

We now know that all of these assumptions were false, but at the time, Taskrok’s album served as a rallying cry for kindred dabbers everywhere. Tracks such as “Boil That Oil” and “7:10” united dabbers everywhere and let them know that they weren’t alone. 

Today, even though the cannabis community recognizes Taskrok as the sole creator of the term, he’s quoted in an interview stating that he doesn’t want to take credit for it at all. Instead, he’d rather it remain within the community to fight back against the commercialization and industrialization that cannabis still faces. 

How to be 710-Friendly

710 friendly

Ultimately, the best way to be 710-friendly is to disregard any preconceived notions or rumours surrounding dabbing and cannabis concentrates being harmful or dangerous. While they should not be used in excess to avoid conditions such as greening out or a weed hangover, the first step towards understanding and embracing 710 is to enter it with an open mind. 

This point is especially pertinent if you haven’t even tried concentrates or oils in the first place. After all, it’s not entirely fair to judge something you haven’t experienced for yourself, right? You don’t really have a leg to stand on.

So, being open to the idea of dabs and concentrates is the first place to start. Then, once you feel comfortable enough, try them for yourself to generate an informed opinion based on personal experience rather than outside factors. 

It may come as a surprise, but there are actually benefits to dabbing instead of other more traditional consumption methods, such as smoking. 

Dabbing is cleaner because cannabis concentrates are free of excess plant material, meaning they are also free of potentially harmful carcinogens that are a byproduct of smoking plant matter. 

In other words, cannabis concentrates purchased from a dispensary or mail-order marijuana service where you can buy weed online are some of the purest products out there due to their rigorous extraction and creation methods. 

However, this also brings about the point that purchasing from reliable sources is the best way to ensure that the product you’re buying is safe. 

Not only that, but the effects generated through dabbing are much cleaner and stronger than a joint or vaporizer, which is arguably the most significant advantage of this ingestion method. Additionally, it is also fast-acting, meaning you won’t have to wait long for the benefits to take effect. 

Another crucial feature to acknowledge when discussing dabbing is that dabs have a much more potent flavour because of the preserved cannabinoids and terpenes present in the concentrate. These features combine to produce a powerful high that you won’t soon forget.

710 – Could it Become the Next 420?

While “dab day” has yet to receive international recognition and rise to the same level of popularity as 420, many dabbers come together privately and publicly to celebrate 710.

This limited involvement could possibly be because many cannabis users remain unaware of the existence of cannabis concentrates. While distillates are growing in popularity due to THC vape pens, dabbing itself is still considered a niche method of consumption. 

This boujee reputation is likely because of the higher price tag that comes with purchasing the necessary equipment to set up a reliable dab rig and the increased cost of distillates and other cannabis concentrates.

Ultimately, for the involved processes necessary to create these products safely and effectively, the final product’s price will be higher than regular bud. That’s just the reality of the situation. 

However, you also get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for a pure cannabis product that is potent and flavourful, dabbing concentrates is where it’s at to have one of the most authentic weed experiences. 

That said, events surrounding cannabis extracts and dabs are beginning to grow in notoriety. In Arizona, the “710 Degree Cup” is held annually to test and judge extracts submitted by producers.

In Toronto, Canada, the “710 Cup” was started to “bring the best in Canadian cannabis concentrates to Toronto’s high society.” The event includes an outdoor marketplace, VIP awards, and involvement from the cannabis industry as well! 

So while 710 isn’t as well known or recognized yet, it’s poised to pop off as the legalization of cannabis across the world continues to expand and as more and more casual cannabis consumers open their minds to the possibility of dabbing as their new consumption method of choice. 

Happy blazing!

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