Budder – A Captivating & Creamy Cannabis Extract


With so many different cannabis extracts and concentrates currently available on the market, including hash, shatter, weed oil and more, budder may have fallen under your radar.

However, before you ask, no, this product is not to be confused with the type of butter you put on your toast in the morning.

Instead, budder refers to one of the most widely popular and utilized cannabis extracts out there. 

It remains one of the most beloved concentrate options despite the ever-evolving additions added to the concentrate roster for a few reasons, including its desirable consistency and versatility.

So, what is budder, and why does it have such a loyal fanbase? Well, we’re here today to explain just that!

This article will outline all you need to know about budder from what it is to how it’s made and how to use it.

Before you know it, you’ll be babbling to your friends about the many blissful benefits of budder!

Let’s get started.

What is Budder?

what is budder

In simple terms, budder, also known as budder wax, is a form of cannabis extract

Specifically, it is a variation of cannabis wax, hence its longer-form name!

There are multiple different forms of products that fall under the cannabis wax category outside of budder, including crumble, honeycomb and more. 

However, today, we’ll be focusing mainly on weed budder.

The most prominent thing to keep in mind when grasping the concept surrounding budder is understanding the significance of the different consistencies and textures of cannabis extracts. 

This feature is where personal preference comes into play and why many tokers opt for using budder for their weed extract needs.

Essentially, budder is extremely popular because it occupies the desirable middle ground between its previously mentioned sibling extracts, honeycomb and crumble. 

For those who may not know, honeycomb’s consistency and texture are similar to its name – light, delicate, and easily broken apart.

Similarly, crumble’s nature also mimics its title. It quickly comes apart in your hands or ‘crumbles’ when handled.

However, while still light, budder has a more malleable consistency than these other examples, meaning that it is not as easily broken apart or brittle. Instead, if you’re looking to divide this extract, you’d need to use a dabber to smoke it.

Unlike these other extracts, budder wax has a smoother texture with an amber, yellowish colouring. 

So, as its name would suggest, its consistency is similar to the regular food item – butter!

That said, it is important to distinguish between budder and the popular cannabis edible cannabutter, as these two products are not the same thing.

As we just said, cannabutter is a cannabis edible created by infusing ordinary cooking butter with weed to use in other edibles or beverages to add an “extra special” ingredient into the mix. On the other hand, budder is a cannabis extract with its separate applications.

So, what gives budder its unique creamy consistency? It all comes down to the unique and complicated extraction process, which we’ll dive into below.

How is Budder Made?

how is budder made

While there are multiple examples of different cannabis concentrates and extracts that you can make from the comfort of your own home, budder is not one of them. So, if you’re looking for a fun at-home DIY project, we would instead recommend trying your hand at making hash or rosin.

Instead, the process of creating budder requires specific pieces of state-of-the-art equipment to make it safely and correctly. In other words, do not try this at home.

The process for creating budder is considered dangerous and unsafe for at-home producers because it involves using and handling highly volatile and flammable chemical solvents to “blast” through the cannabis plant matter and extract THC.

This THC is then eventually “purged” by being exposed to a high temperature and air pressure to remove the solvent from the final product. 

Similar methods are utilized to create other cannabis concentrate and extract items, including crumble, shatter and more.

However, the difference in consistency will come down to the specificities of the individual extraction process.

Typically, two primary solvents can be used in the budder extraction process – butane and CO2. 

That said, butane often wins out as the preferred solvent as it’s more effective in consistently producing budder’s creamy consistency.

Below, we’ll summarize the various steps necessary for creating budder:

Step 1

Initially, the budder extraction process begins by placing finely ground buds in a specialized airtight, elongated tube.

Step 2

In this tube, the weed is covered with a specific solvent. In this case, it would either be butane or CO2. More commonly, it will be butane.

Step 3

In this compartment, the weed is put under excessive amounts of pressure to squeeze out and separate the various cannabinoids and terpenes present in the bud.

These components will then attach themselves to the liquid solvent.

Step 4

From there, the mixture comprising of the terpenes, cannabinoids and solvent is transported into an oven-like container that is also airtight.

At this stage, the mixture is exposed to an extremely high temperature and air pressure to purge the solvent from the mix, leaving only the cannabis compounds behind.

When performed in a professional setting with the proper equipment, the resulting product will contain roughly 99.6% pure budder.

Step 5

Next, the product will start to crystalize. However, before this happens, producers will whip the product, much like you would when making whipping cream, to achieve the characteristic creamy, buttery consistency.

How to Smoke Budder and How to Use Budder

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary context out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun part, actually learning how to use budder!

As we said before, one of the main draws of this particular cannabis extract is its versatility. Additionally, it’s also incredibly easy and straightforward to use.

If you’re new to the magic of budder, don’t sweat it! That’s what we’re here for.

Below we’ll describe some of the most popular usage techniques:



When it comes to using budder, using a dab rig is by far one of the most popular methods of choice. Essentially, a dab rig is a smoke apparatus made up of several different components.

When it comes to dabbing, you simply scoop the desired amount of budder with your dab tool onto the dab rig’s nail. Then, ignite your heat source, be it a lighter, match, torch, etc. and put the flame to the nail. Then, you basically inhale as much smoke as you physically can.

The secret to successfully dabbing lies in using relatively low temperatures. If the nail gets too hot, wait for it to cool down a bit before adding your budder.

If you’re new to using a dab rig, take special note. The hit from a dab of budder is going to be leaps and bounds more potent than what you are familiar with from a standard joint or vape. 

It’s important to keep in mind that budder is not regular cannabis flower! 

Instead, you’re dabbing a concentrated cannabis extract. With this in mind, start low and go slow so that you can build up a proper tolerance with this stronger product.

In a Joint

joint and budder

Integrating budder into a regular joint is an excellent and easy way to enhance your smoke sesh and toking experience. 

So, the next time you’re rolling a joint, try adding in some budder to give things an added potency!

This process is commonly referred to as rolling a twax joint or ‘twaxing.’ That said, this terminology is not unique to just budder and can be used to apply to any cannabis extract or concentrate added to a joint.

If you’d like to give twaxing a try, using a dab tool, break apart the desired amount of budder and sprinkle it on top of the dry bud already inside the joint. 

Be careful to ensure that the budder is evenly distributed for a consistent smoking experience.

In a Vape

vape pens

Vapes have quickly risen to the top of many blazers’ must-have lists for cannabis accessories.

This shift in preference is likely because vaping presents a safer alternative to traditional smoking methods by not combusting the weed and eliminating the chance of inhaling harmful carcinogens or excess plant matter.

However, not all vaporizers are created equal. While some are interchangeable, others may only accommodate dry flower or specific extracts and concentrates. 

The beauty of a vaporizer is that it will heat the budder to the optimal temperature to vaporize the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the extract for you to easily inhale and enjoy.

All This and More? You Budder Believe It!

Budder is just one example of the many different cannabis extracts currently available on the market. However, even as new products continue to arise, this extract maintains a loyal fan base.

What keeps blazers coming back time and time again is the sheer versatility and ease of use associated with this bountiful extract. 

Whether you’re dabbing, smoking or vaping, there is something for everyone when it comes to budder.

However, if you’re new to cannabis extracts, it is crucial to adhere to the start low and go slow mantra. Budder is much more potent than standard dry weed flower, and thus it’ll take far less to produce the desired effects.

Additionally, if you’re thinking of making this extract at home, think again. 

There is a heightened level of expertise and specialized equipment required to create budder safely and effectively. 

Using highly-flammable and corrosive solvents can be incredibly dangerous and should be left to professionals.

In this way, it is also vital to purchase your budder from a reputable and reliable dispensary or retailer where you can buy weed online to ensure top quality assurance.

If you have any questions regarding using budder, be sure to ask your neighbourhood budtender or visit the Buy Low Green website and utilize our chat feature to have all your questions answered.

Happy toking!

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