How to Keep Weed Fresh – The Best Way To Store Weed | Buy Low Green


Cannabis is a dried and cured product but that doesn’t mean storing the herb in your plastic stash jar or worse, the zip-lock or vacuum sealed bag that it came in will keep your weed fresh. Are you wondering how to keep weed fresh? With cannabis legalization sweeping across the world, cannabis products may come…

Using CBD? Mandatory Drug-Testing is No Biggie!


With the cannabis industry growing around the world and the CBD industry estimated at 2 billion in 2018, there are many questions surrounding the myriad of products available that are derived from cannabis.  Clearly cannabis is becoming part of our lives, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes. But the concerns come when many of…

The Endocannabinoid System: What, Where and Why Do I Care?

what is the endocannabinoid system

Your body is filled with weed receptors.  No, we’re not pranking you. This statement is true.  Whether or not you’ve consumed cannabis recently, cannabinoids are coursing through every nook and cranny in your body and brain right now. Humans internally produce cannabinoids through a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s a system that works…

Back Away From The Botox! CBD Skincare To The Rescue


You’ve heard of Botox, the seemingly miraculous combatant to time’s inevitable passage. You’ve no doubt heard of face lifts and fillers, too. Be it your next-door neighbour or the Kardashian clan, it seems like near-enough everyone is yearning to turn back the clock and reverse the ageing process.  As far as Botox is concerned, a…

How Long Does CBD Last For? 6 Ways You Can Take CBD And Its Effects


When you take a dose of CBD how long will the effects last? Are there various ways you can take the medicine that’s ideal for you? Research has shown us that CBD can help provide a myriad of therapeutic effects, from reducing pain and inflammation to relieving depression and anxiety. But if you’re not sure what…

What’s CBD And THC Distillate? Breakdown Of Cannabis Distillate


Many avid cannabis consumers are familiar with cannabis oil extracts. But now, cannabis oil distillate is one of the newest production trends on the market today. And it’s had people sit up and take notice. With a THC content approaching or even exceeding 99 percent, cannabis oil concentrates are not for the inexperienced. Nonetheless, aside…