How Long Does CBD Last For? 6 Ways You Can Take CBD And Its Effects


When you take a dose of CBD how long will the effects last? Are there various ways you can take the medicine that’s ideal for you? Research has shown us that CBD can help provide a myriad of therapeutic effects, from reducing pain and inflammation to relieving depression and anxiety. But if you’re not sure what…

What’s CBD And THC Distillate? Breakdown Of Cannabis Distillate


Many avid cannabis consumers are familiar with cannabis oil extracts. But now, cannabis oil distillate is one of the newest production trends on the market today. And it’s had people sit up and take notice. With a THC content approaching or even exceeding 99 percent, cannabis oil concentrates are not for the inexperienced. Nonetheless, aside…

The Best Strains For Sex Will Have You Never Taking Viagra Again


We live in a world where true connection is disappearing. Our lives are on full throttle, from sunup to sundown. We devote all our energy to work, facing these busy schedules with a brave face. Deep down, we all want a slower pace where romance, family and community are central to our lives.  We must…

The Funniest Names for Weed and Strains Ever


Soda and pop. Zucchini and courgettes. Eggplants and aubergines. Disregarding the linguistic differences – why are there so many funny names to describe one thing?  But, there probably exists no competitors when it comes to funny names for weed.  For a plant that has been around for as long as marijuana, its influences are wide…

What’s The Best Temperature for Vaping and How it influences Your Experience


If you’re currently vaporizing cannabis, then welcome! You’ve joined the legions of countless others who have chosen vaping instead of smoking as an intake method. Vaping is easier on your lungs than smoking because it doesn’t involve combustion. But, temperature still plays a role. If you’re wondering what the right temperature setting might be for…

How to Increase Your High With These Delicious Foods


If you’ve smoked weed, you may have experienced the after-effect phenomenon known as the munchies. Ringing any bells?  While chips and pizza seem to hit the spot, did you know there are foods that actually get you higher? Yes, there are different foods that can actually increase your high. This is good news for those…

Cannabis and Asthma: Benefits and Dangers

marijuana-and-asthma (1)

Smoking anything as an asthma-sufferer is ill-advised. But the surprising thing is that cannabis use may still be of significant benefit for those diagnosed with asthma.  Yes, weed and asthma can live harmoniously side-by-side.  Even if you’re a recreational user you can still consume cannabis even if you suffer from asthma. We’ll discuss how cannabis…

CBD Oil For Dogs: The Ultimate Guide


CBD oil for my dog? Is this really going to work for my pet?  We’re all dog lovers here, and when your furry friend is under the weather, it’s a stressful and heartbreaking time. And a trip to the vet can cause even more stress with offers of different medications leaving you wondering if they’re all…

Busting the Myths Between Sativa Highs VS Indica Highs


It used to be that when selecting for particular cannabis strains, one would look to either a Sativa or Indica to achieve 1 of 2 outcomes. Either a head high or body high. This delineation, however, is no longer applicable in this rapidly changing industry. Legalization has resulted in hybridization, or a blending of various…