Fake CBD Oil on Amazon, Here’s How You Avoid it

CBD oil on Amazon Featured.jfif

In the wake of marijuana legalization, companies of all sorts are competing hand over fist in trying to get a piece of the shiny, valuable cannabis pie. But are they all equal? Or rather, is what they sell all equal? When it comes to purchasing CBD oil on Amazon from the many suppliers, you’d be […]

Buying a Dry Herb Vaporizer? Here’s What You Should Know

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Portable vape pens are a great way to vape on the go. Especially dry herb vaporizers, as they’re small, discrete, easy to stash out of sight, and produce very little smell compared with smoking. What follows is a quick guide to the things you should consider when buying a vaporizer pen so that you’re sure to […]

The Benefits of VaporizingCannabis

vaporizing your cannabi, vaping weed, vaporizer, vaporizing cannabis, vaporize your weed

Its no secret, technology is improving every day. From simple stone pipes to hookahs, big blunts to bongs, it seems like there are never enough ways to smoke cannabis. Whatever the next big technological achievement in pot smoking is, we certainly know what the top of the hierarchy is now: Vaporizing Cannabis. Yes, vaping is […]

Weed Brownies Made Nice and Easy

Weed Brownies Made Nice and Easy Since the beginning of time, mankind has stumbled through the world, hunting & gathering, finding things we liked & things we didn’t. In the days following the industrial revolution, massive means of production allowed us to run wild, testing new combinations of ideas, limited only by the scope of […]

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