A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Measurements

weed measurements

There isn’t much math involved when buying your favourite bud, but you’ll still need to know your weed measurements to determine accurate or fair pricing for what you’re getting. 

Have you ever visited a dispensary and been at a loss for words when the budtender asks you how much dry flower you want? Do you have no idea what the difference is between an eighth, an ounce, and a dime bag of weed?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re telling you everything you need to know about weed measurements so that you can order and purchase weed like a pro with confidence. 

Before we get started, to lay some groundwork, one of the most crucial facts to know is that, although we might live in Canada, weed measurements are commonly taken with the Imperial System for amounts over a gram.

So, with that information out of the way, let’s get into it! 

Weed Measurements 

A Gram of Weed

weed measurements dime bag

When it comes to measuring weed, the most basic unit of measurement is the gram.

If you just want to roll a couple of joints for yourself, a single gram will be more than enough to roll a doobie or two.

Slang Terms for a Gram of Weed

A gram of weed isn’t anything super special. That said, it does have a special nickname! 

Back in the days of weed prohibition, a gram of weed was known as a “dime bag.” A dime bag is the lowest amount of weed that you can order, and this is capped at a gram. 

Why is it called a dime bag? It has this name for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a dime bag typically costs $10, hence the name. Secondly, a dime bag wasn’t really equal to a gram. It was just any amount of weed that amounted to $10.

In other words, this means that a dime bag might be equal to or less than a gram, depending on where you are. 

Interesting, right? 

While this style of slang has fallen out of vogue, you might catch a few old tokers using the term when they’re dankrupt! 

How Much Does a Gram Cost?

You likely won’t find many dispensaries or mail-order marijuana (MOM) services that supply this amount of weed in many strains. 

While it’s not entirely impossible, the selection will likely be limited. The minimum amount is typically an eighth, which we will outline below. 

Ultimately, most tokers won’t find purchasing just one gram of weed to be all that worthwhile, which is why, at Buy Low Green, we offer exclusive bulk pricing on orders of 7 grams or more. 

An Eighth of Weed

weed measurements an eighth of weed

Buying weed by the gram won’t get you very far. For starters, you’re not getting any bulk discounts from buying such a small amount. Secondly, it won’t last you very long! You’ll be dankrupt after just one session. 

If you’re serious about blazing up, you’re going to want to buy at least an eighth. An eighth of weed is a ⅛ of an ounce. Put plainly, an eighth is 3.5 grams of weed. 

Unlike the dime bag, an eighth of weed is 3.5 grams no matter where you go! The price might differ between dispensaries or mail-order marijuana retailers, but it’ll always net you 3.5 grams of weed. 

Slang Terms for an Eighth of Weed

Unlike a gram of weed, an eighth of weed, unfortunately, doesn’t have any cool nicknames. Well, besides referring to it as “an eighth.” Nobody is going to walk into a dispensary and ask for 3.5 grams of weed!  

Weed measurements are fickle, but once you get the basics down, you’ll be flying high in no time! 

How Much Does an Eighth Cost?

Pricing will likely vary from strain to strain. However, for the most part, many tokers are switching their buying habits from government dispensaries to MOMs strictly because of the former’s excessive pricing. 

Don’t believe us? We’ve got literal and figurative receipts! 

For example, say you want to indulge in some Northern Lights. City Cannabis, a government dispensary operating out of Vancouver, charges $63/3.5g, which is quite a bit more than competing MOM retailers.

Not to mention, with City Cannabis, you still need to go in-store to pick it up. Alternatively, Buy Low Green packages and delivers your bud straight to your door efficiently and discreetly for $17.5/3.5g

A Quarter of Weed

We’re moving into the big leagues now. This weed measurement is for the shakers and movers of the weed world. 

Buying a quarter of weed means that you’re going to be ready to smoke for a long time and at a moment’s notice. 

For those on a budget, buying weed using this weed measurement will offer you bulk savings on the dollar. Not only will it keep you from being dankrupt, but it’ll also keep you from being bankrupt, too! 

So, how much weed is a quarter of weed? Well, a quarter of weed is a ¼ of an ounce, so if we’re going by imperial weed measurements, a quarter is going to be 7 grams, which is double that of an eighth. 

Slang Terms for a Quarter of Weed

Rarely, you might hear someone refer to two eighths (½ of an ounce) as a quad, but this is rare. 

When it comes to weed measurements, there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule for naming conventions. Whatever’s used regionally will stick, so don’t be surprised to hear something wacky when you’re at the dispensary! 

How Much Does a Quarter Cost? 

Once you get into ordering larger sums of weed, price differences truly come to light to highlight the substantial cost difference between government dispensaries and MOMs.

For example, what if you want to partake in some indica-dominant goodness in the form of massively popular strain MK Ultra? Well, if you’re purchasing from a government dispensary, such as Buddha Barn, that’s going to cost you a pretty penny, running at $60.38 for a quarter. 

However, at Buy Low Green, we’ll give it to you for a cold, even $50. It might not seem like a significant price gap for some, but for others, a collection of 10 buck differences starts to add up, especially if you’re restocking your stash by ordering multiple strains. 

A Half-Ounce of Weed

If you’re a casual smoker who smokes a joint a week, there’s not much reason to get a half-ounce of weed. A half-ounce is literally half an ounce, which is 14 grams of weed. 

If numerical terms aren’t doing it for you, let us tell you – 14 grams is a lot of weed!

If you’re planning on being the weed man at the next party you attend, a half ounce will make you the Belle of the ball. A half ounce is also a great amount to enjoy over a long weekend.

Whether you’re going to the cabin for a few days or holding up in your room to do some creative work, this weed measurement won’t leave you wanting!

Slang Terms for a Half-Ounce of Weed

Sorry folks, amongst all the weed measurements we’ve covered so far, a half-ounce of weed is the most literal one yet. 

There’ll be no fun nicknames for this one. However, some tokers may refer to a half-ounce as a half a zip!

How Much Does a Half-Ounce Cost?

If you’re looking to invest in purchasing this much weed, the price will be a significant, if not the most crucial, factor in terms of your choice of retailer.

Most government dispensaries will not stock strains in this quantity, especially for online orders. Instead, what you’ll likely have to do is select multiple sums of 3.5 or 7-gram options to accumulate to your desired amount, and that gets pricey! 

Say you want to buy 14 grams of Nuken. At Buy Low Green, we’ll let you order it in one measurement for the bargain price of $95

However, at a government dispensary, such as BC Cannabis Stores, they only sell Nuken in 3.5g quantities. So, to get the same amount, you’d need to order a quantity of 4 to get to the desired 14 grams. 

At $28.99 per 3.5 grams, your subtotal would come out to $115.96, and that’s the price before accounting for GST, PST and shipping costs! All in, you’re looking at $129.88. 

Whereas with Buy Low Green, what you see is what you get – $95! At check out, you can then either opt for free shipping or the flat rate of $12.99. You can’t go wrong with free! Even if you opt for flat rate shipping, it still comes out to less than the competing government dispensary.  

An Ounce of Weed

An ounce of weed is the maximum amount you can buy. An ounce of weed is 28 grams, which is enough to get you high for a month straight if you average a joint a day! 

When would a customer ever buy an ounce of weed? There are plenty of occasions where an ounce of weed just makes sense. If you’re making edibles or concentrates at home, you’ll need at least an ounce to make something potent enough to feel something, especially if you’re planning on making enough for multiple sessions.

Parties, road trips, and substantial group seshes are other opportunities where an entire ounce of weed is a welcome addition. 

If you spot a dank weed deal on an ounce and don’t want to pass it up, hey, there’s no time like the present to plan for dankruptcy! 

Slang terms for an ounce of weed

An ounce of weed is commonly referred to as a “zip.” Back before the legalization of cannabis, dealers would usually sell their ounces in zip-lock bags. 

Like the term “dime bag,” this colloquial saying is starting to fade away into obscurity. 

If you want to get mathematical, you can also call it 4 quads (or 4 quarters). 

How Much Does an Ounce Cost?

one ounce of cannabis

There’s no other way about it. An ounce is a lot of weed! Thankfully, where other dispensaries have minimal selections for weed at this quantity, bulk orders are Buy Low Green’s bread and butter, or should we say cannabutter

We offer most of our strains in larger quantities such as these, with pricing that keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again. 

With a diverse catalogue of strains to suit every toker, an uncomplicated, easy to follow ordering structure and seamless and discreet delivery service, you can count on us to fill, pack and transport your weed with ease. 

Whether you’re after some Death Bubba, Pineapple ExpressTangerine Dream or whatever suits your fancy, you can rest assured that our services and prices are among the best of the best! 

Weed Measurements – A Marijuana Must-Know

We hope this cheat sheet for the different weed measurements has helped you feel more confident about walking into a dispensary and clearly and succinctly telling the budtender precisely what it is you want.  

Alternatively, it will have provided greater context for users looking to buy weed online through a MOM to help accurately determine how much they’d like to order. 

Knowing weed measurements is a valuable skill that all tokers should know. While you may encounter different terminology to refer to these different amounts, the measurements covered in this article are relatively universal. 

If you come across a term that you don’t necessarily recognize, you will likely be given one of the above measurements as clarification when you ask what it means. 

At Buy Low Green, we strive to give our customers the best possible deals for their weed needs, matching if not beating competing retailers and dispensaries to provide the best possible bang for your buck. 

If you’re still not convinced, check out our website for yourself and see what savings we have in store for you! 

Happy toking!

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