Stash Box – Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Green

stash box

If you’re a big toker, then you need a solid stash box, like, yesterday. 

A stash box is not only a home for your precious nugs. It’s your one-stop pot-shop for all things cannabis. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s joints, bowls, or dabs you’re taking. A stash box will have everything ready for you to ensure the best possible sesh. 

Think of it as being like a Scout. Always be prepared. Except, in this instance, it’s with all your wonderful weed goodies. 

So, what is a stash box? Well, the answer is pretty simple – it’s in the name! In layman’s terms, a stash box is literally any container (or box) that contains everything you need for the pre-sesh, the smoke, and the post-sesh. 

Depending on the kind of smoker you are, this container can range from the size of a SPAM container to a small chest! In fact, stash boxes come in a variety of flavours. Plastic if you’re on a budget, metal if you’re in want of durability, and wood or bamboo for the connoisseurs. 

Are you looking for an option that is budget-friendly to your particular penny-pinching needs? 

Here’s a list of our top picks to include in your stash! They’re split up into priority levels and importance to have, so pick and choose according to what your wallet allows! 

Stash Box Essentials

These items are the things you’ll need regardless of your smoking objective or group size. 

Alone or with friends, you’re going to want to get these essential items. 

Rolling Papers

stash box rolling papers

Papers. They’re one part of any weed kit or stash box that tokers love to take for granted. 

Without papers, how are you going to roll a joint, let alone smoke one? Unless you have the materials on hand to make an apple pipe, you’re going to be out of luck. 

You have the freedom to take it any way you like with papers – king-sized, flavoured, organic – the more, the merrier! You never know when you might run out or have to spark up for a special occasion.


We all know our fair share of tokers that prefer not to use tips or filters, but the support and structure they provide for joints cannot be understated. 

Even if you don’t use them personally, one of your toker friends might, and they’ll appreciate it! 

Weed Grinder

stash box grinder

If you have a pipe or a bong on hand, you won’t need a grinder – although it’s still recommended – but for rolling joints? It’s essential. 

Even if you think you can break up nugs by hand, using a grinder is easy and helps provide a smoother, more controlled burn. 

Our recommendation is to go with a standard 3 chamber grinder. The different chambers provide a finer grind, and the bottom chamber helps catch and collect any kief that falls through! 

Weed Jars

Knowing how to keep weed fresh is essential for a good smoke both in the moment and for future seshes. 

If you’re making a stash box, move away from plastic zip-lock bags and non-airtight containers. 

Instead, opt for opaque, air-tight glass jars with humidity pouches or bags inside to keep your weed dry so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. 


lighting a joint

We’re all guilty of pocketing lighters. So, having an extra one on hand helps keep the sesh rolling. 

Want to splurge? Opt for a wind-proof lighter or an electric one. These won’t get put out by the wind, and you’ll be able to spark up no matter the conditions.

Things Nice to Have in a Sesh Box

These next suggestions aren’t essential, but they sure do make the sesh a helluva lot better! 

Spoil your friends – or yourself – by going the extra mile with these stash box improvements! 

Rolling Machine

Many of us prefer rolling by hand, but a large majority of tokers simply can’t be bothered. It’s all good. We’ve been there.

In times like these, a rolling machine helps expedite the process tenfold. All you have to do is grind weed up, put it in the machine, add a filter, put in a paper, and roll it up! 

You’ll have a perfect joint ready to go in less than a minute. 


stash box weed pipes

Small weed pipes are nice to have when you’re just looking for a little more out of your sesh. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, and, depending on whether you plan on toking by yourself or with a friend, you can get one suited for the occasion. 


Wicks, hemp wicks, in particular, are an excellent item for adding an extra bit of flair to a sesh. 

Hemp wicks provide a better flavour to your joints and bowls since you won’t be tasting the butane from a traditional plastic lighter. 

It makes lighting bong bowls easier, too! No longer do you have to risk burning your thumb angling your lighter downwards trying to get a hit. 

Hemp wicks are also all-natural and cheap, too! At around a dollar or two for a long roll, there’s no reason to not invest in one. 

Roach Clip

You don’t want to let your joint go to waste, but sometimes getting down to the very last bit of it can result in burning your fingertips! 

Investing in a roach clip allows you to make the most of your bud until the very end without inflicting potential injury on you or your friends. 


There are multiple advantages to having a THC vape pen in your stash box, namely if you aren’t looking to transport your entire stash box to the sesh or are looking for something to toke on the go. 

Vapes add an extra level of convenience and discreteness to the smoking experience. 

Whether you opt for a vape that burns flower and concentrates or one that comes with pre-filled cartridges, they provide a smooth experience that serves as a significantly safer alternative to regular smoking. 

Cherries on Top

If you have these in your sesh box, you’re going to have the creme de la creme of stash boxes.

With these extras, your stash box will be ready to go no matter the time, place, or occasion! 

Eye Drops

Red eyes are a dead giveaway to indicate you’re high. Depending on where you’re located, being able to hide your high may or may not be high on the priority list. 

If you’re just dipping out for that post-Thanksgiving “walk” with your extended family, having these bad boys in your stash box might just be the thing that saves you (and your family) from a long lecture! 

Breath Mints

breath mints

Second verse, same as the first – the second most noticeable element of someone being high, in addition to bloodshot eyes, is their rank breath. 

Breath mints help you stay fresh, not to mention, they’re cheap! If you’re toking up and need to weasel your way out of a conversation, these will definitely come in handy.  

Cleaning Supplies

Having amenities such as pipe cleaners, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer on hand in a stash box just makes sense.

After all, what are you going to do if your pipe gets clogged or your hands are too dirty to roll? Not smoke? Yeah, fat chance. 

Represent yourself – and other stoners – in a more positive light by keeping your weed accessories in tip-top shape. They’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and the smoke will taste better. 

Stash Box – Customizable to Any Budget

There you have it! See? There are versions of creating a stash box to suit any spending limit or restrictions. 

Now, the rest is up to you!

Seeing all these individual components laid out in a list like this will make you think it’s a lot, but it’s really not. These are all small parts to a greater whole and if you think you’re lacking in the space department, it’s fine to not include glassware or whatever else you think you don’t need. 

Additionally, a stash box is very much something that you can upgrade over time. Once you have the essentials, everything else on top of that is a strictly personal preference and fun accessories. 

So, whenever you have the means to treat yourself, go for it! 

After all, it’s your stash box!

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